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About the HMS Beagle

HMS Beagle was a Cherokee class 10-gun boat of Great Britain's Royal Navy, named after the beagle, a type of dog. The boat set off on 11 May 1820 from the Royal Dockland of Woolwich at the River Thames, at a cost of £7,803. (a lot of money back in those days!)
Length: 27.5 metres (90' ft) Width: 7.5 metres (24' ft) Weight: 235 tons (heavy!) Draught: 3.8 metres (12'6 ft)

Why is the HMS Beagle SO POPULAR?

The reason the HMS Beagle is so well known is that it was the ship in which Charles Darwin, sailed around the world beginning on the 26th December 1831 to the 27th February 1832. The different variety of animals and plant species that Darwin encountered on the journey on the Beagle led him to develop his theory of 'evolution by natural selection'.

HMS Beagle made 3 famous voyages of exploration.

1826 - 1830: Leaves Plymouth, UK on the 22nd May for first inspecting voyage to Tierra del Fuego, South America.
1831 - 1832: Darwin joined the second voyage to South America and then around the world.
1837 - 1843: Third surveying voyage to Australia
1994 - Current: The HMS Beagle is stored and kept clean to a high standard.
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